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Tax Preparation Process


  1. Client completes the secure online tax organizer (via Intuit Link), uploading all tax documents, answering tax related questions, and signing the engagement letter

  2. I start preparing the the tax return with the information provided

  3. I send a list of questions or additional documentation necessary to complete your return (via Intuit secure portal)

  4. Once complete I update your return based on information provided and send a draft copy of your return for your review (via Intuit secure portal)

  5. After your review, I make any updates (if needed) then send tax documents for you to sign (via DocuSign with knowledge based authentication) and an invoice to pay my fees

  6. Once complete, I electronically file your returns with the taxing authorities

  7. Once accepted, I send you notification of the acceptance and any final steps (for example, paying a balance due) and possible suggestions (via Intuit secure portal)

  8. All tax documents are uploaded to SmartVault (secure portal) for long-term access and storage.  You will receive an invitation to setup your SmartVault account (optional)

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