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We offer accounting services as bundled packages, available monthly (continual updates) or quarterly (updated once a quarter).  For those who want accounting services only once a year to prepare for taxes, we have an Accounting Review option. Costs are based on transaction counts and number of employees.


The following are the general package options.  Accounting packages are tailored to fit your business needs.


Subscriptions Only +

Paycheck processing

Payroll Tax Reporting 


Subscriptions Only & Payroll (if needed) +

Transaction Processing

Bank Reconciliations

Annual Review and Tax Reporting

Questions throughout the year


Essentials +

Account Analysis & Review of Statements

Budgeting (if needed)

Custom Financial Statement Reporting

Consolidated statements (if needed)


Transaction Processing & Bank Reconciliations (if needed)

Review Financial Statements

Resolve Unreconciled or Stray Transactions

Reconcile Asset and Liability Accounts

Calculate Asset Depreciation (if needed)

Financial Reporting for Taxes

Minimum monthly accounting fees for Essentials package with a QuickBooks subscription and no employees is $150 or $400 quarterly.  Minimum fees for an annual review are $300 (client completes all transaction processing and bank reconciliations) or $1,500 (with transaction processing and bank reconciliations). Fees are calculated based on transaction counts and number of employees.

Costs of services requested outside a package will be billed at $85, half hour minimum per request. 

Packages do not include:

  • Audit or verification of data submitted

  • Preparation or assistance during an audit

  • Accounting services related to acquisitions 

  • Legal services of any type

  • Discovery of errors, misrepresentations, fraud, illegal acts, or theft



QuickBooks Online Accounting Subscription

Payroll Subscription (if needed)

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